User Agreement And Privacy Policy

A GTC agreement (sometimes called a terms of service or terms of use) defines what your company expects from its users and what your users can expect from your company in return. This Agreement applies exclusively to your access to and use of the Websites and does not modify the terms of any other agreements or regulatory obligations you have with the PCAOB. Additional policies and terms may apply to the use of all or part of the Website and are included by reference in this Agreement. Please read any additional special terms, including PCAOB`s Privacy Policy, which describes how we collect and use information on and on the Websites. In 2008, Aleecia M. McDonald`s and Lorrie Faith Cranor a question: How long will it take the average internet user to read each privacy policy for each? Users should regularly check this Privacy Policy to ensure that they are aware of changes to it. Upon request, SIIA will also endeavor to inform existing siia members, event agents, newsletter subscribers, award nominees and other existing siia customers of important changes to this Privacy Policy. You understand that the Website is provided exclusively for your entertainment and we do not warrant that the information provided on the Website is correct or up-to-date. We do not warrant that we will continue to provide the Site, that the Site is available at any time or from any particular location, or that it will continue to function as it currently operates. You agree not to make us liable for any damages you claim are caused by third parties who contact you through the Website or if you are informed of your identity through the use of the Website, and you understand that if such conduct constitutes a breach of this Agreement, we do not need to attempt to: to control or identify persons who misrepresent their identity or who make false information available to others by using the Site. You agree that we are not responsible for making any unlawful, defamatory, offensive or illegal contact with third parties, including other users. If your site or app (whether it`s a mobile app or a desktop app) collects and uses users` personal data, you are legally required to agree on the privacy policy and make it available to your users, preferably before you start using your site or app. Copyright infringement issues can occur when users use your content without your permission or abuse issues, for example.

B if someone else spamms or posts defamatory content on your website. Users of this site should be aware that the content of the site may be protected by U.S. copyright law and the international provisions of the treaty and that it must be treated like any other copyrighted material. It is not intended for dissemination or reproduction by the public, unless expressly authorized by the author. You agree not to copy, download, rent, rent, sell, distribute, transfer or otherwise transfer all or part of the content linked to the Website or to take any other action contrary to the copyright of SIIA or any user, except those expressly approved by the USER AND SIIA, including: But not limited to: Copy, use or transmit data for advertising and / or commercial purposes. What you need to include in your privacy policy depends in part on the use of your services. However, there are certain requirements that are common to different data protection laws and must comply with your company`s privacy policy. . .