Bank Of America Hsa Custodial Agreement

Once your account balance has reached $1000, you have the right to activate your account`s investment function. You can choose from a select menu of competitive low-cost investment funds, which is a good way to complement your longer-term savings strategy. Send claims, check your credits and monitor your account from your smartphone. Monthly maintenance fees1 Benefits included in monthly maintenance fees: Please contact your tax advisor about government rules. The unutilized balance is carried over from one year to the next. 1 If you have registered with Bank of America through your employer or insurer for a health savings account, this tax may be different or the monthly maintenance fee does not apply to your account as long as your employer or insurer remains the same. Access to the online account makes it easier to submit claims and monitor accounts. You decide how much money you save on your account (up to the IRS contribution limit) and what qualified medical expenses3 you can pay with your HSA. Your HSA is yours to use the money in your account to pay for qualified health care costs throughout your life, including retirement. There is no time limit on spending your HSA funds. Even if you change health plans, change jobs or retire, your HSA follows you.

It`s up to you… and the means never deteriorate. Your health care is directly related to a financial life, especially as we live longer. Free HSA visa® debit card with no transaction fee4. In addition, the additional security of chip technology, as well as Visa`s Zero Liability Directive, mean that you are not held responsible for fraudulent purchases with their card or account information. Use your HSA to pay for medical visits, trips to the pharmacy or even for qualified health purchases when shopping online. Pricing plan valid from 03/01/2019. You will find more information in the loyalty agreement. Make the most of your long-term account by investing in a selected menu of competitive low-cost investment funds.

We`ll make investing easier for you. Once your account reaches $1,000, select the desired amount from your cash account and we automatically manage transfers to and from your investment account. A Bank of America HSA helps you control your health care spending. Our dedicated customer service staff are on hand 24 hours a day to help you ask questions along the way. The online chat is also available on the members` website.