Agreement Pending Traduction

· A future project, which addresses the possibilities and limitations of vocational schools for the integration of disadvantaged young people, is to develop the theoretical basis for a more comprehensive approach to the design of work schools or workshop projects and analyse their problem-solving potential in the specific regional context of southern Europe. Following the agreement on the outstanding proposals, the Commission intends to present a proposal for a single European resolution mechanism to effectively manage the cross-border resolution of bank failures and to prevent taxpayers` money from being paid to bank bailouts. The agreement has not yet been concluded, as the relevant competition authorities have not yet agreed. Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? After the dream of encapsulating a deal, so there are all indications that a quarrel is going on, soon adapted or very good view to cleanse s. down payment – deposit, sum paid in advance (a certain percentage of the purchase price) purchase – a purchase acquired – authentic buyer`s deed – legal document established (with all due formalities), by a public official by law (z.B. a notator) at the place where he acts under private seing – private agreement written in writing without a witness (pre-sale agreement) deed of sale – transfer or transfer of land (sometimes called deed of purchase) active – In an estate , the gross wealth of a deceased. On a balance sheet, the assets. immobility agency – Real estate agent agios – bank charges approval and amicable arrhyths – Sum paid in advance by buyer, if the buyer withdraws the amount or doubles the amount of the refund, if the seller has the insurance de died – death insurance – disability and in general and disability – Death, disability and disability insurance – Notarized certificate attesting that the purchase of real estate is completed, certificate of compliance with security regulations – Certificate of security certificate of ownership – Proof of ownership of a property award of legalization – Signature formal agreement of genuine sale – document approved by a notary authorization of automatic pre-training – Temporary work levy authorization – Temporary work permit However, is it almost certain that other agreements will be respected on the basis of the Jakarta Declaration, particularly with regard to the current arms agreement and German? support the strengthening of Indonesia`s armed forces for the purposes of so-called UN peacekeeping operations.